October 9, 2017

Vira – Violin & Piano Teacher

Vira is an award-winning performing artist, passionate instructor and self-proclaimed gypsy punk violinist. She holds a BFA in Music Performance and an MA in Music Composition from York University. During the past twelve years, Vira has taught over a hundred students, coaching them for RCM exams and various music recitals. Her violin and piano students have showcased their skills in the North York and Richmond Hill music festivals.

Vira’s teaching methods focus on cultivating strong musicianship in her students. She enjoys teaching the language of music, deeply rooted in the Eastern-European solfège system, which she believes to be an essential foundation for learning and making music. Her mission is to open the door to her students’ musical future, helping them find their own element in music and shine as artists.

Vira is as talented a teacher as she is a performer. In the ocean of modern violin, she stands out with her pristine instrumental technique and the theatrical twist of dance in live performance. She has also acted in TV shows and films as a violinist, among them on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

Spun on over 70 FM Radio stations, Vira’s 2015 Akademia Award winning hit singles Three-Mix and the NeverEnding Tango received acclimation as Best Instrumental Classical/Electronica and Best Latin. She has also been recently nominated as the Emerging Artist of the Year in the upcoming InFame Awards 2017.

Vira’s feature Three-Mix video has screened at the Toronto Short Film Festival. Vira has moreover produced and directed a series of silent short comedy films in the style of Charlie Chaplin. “La vie d’un clown” has screened in fifteen festivals, received four international awards and three nominations.

Currently, Vira is launching a live events and web series campaign of Weekend Motivation, where the artist shares not only her music but also articles from her book titled My Key to Immortality: Tuning your Mind into the Life of Universal Love.