November 15, 2016

Sebastian- Woodwind Teacher

Sebastian has been playing saxophone for over 25 years and has formal musical training from the University of Manitoba and Humber College. Since that time, he sought out private lessons with many notable classical and jazz artists on saxophone, clarinet and flute across Canada and in NY/NJ. After that, Sebastian served in the Canadian Forces for 13 years as a staff musician.

Sebastian is a multi-instrumentalist who teaches clarinet, saxophone and flute at Melody. Besides teaching, he is also a Toronto-based woodwind mouthpiece craftsman who began his formal apprenticeship in the fall of 2010 with industry legend, musician and master mouthpiece maker, Ted Klum.

Sebastian’s teaching philosophy is built on the foundation that learning an instrument begins with the joy of music. When learning is fun, students will naturally become lifelong learners and will more likely to continue to grow as musicians. Sebastian encourages his students to explore and be creative with the learning process while building a solid foundation on their instruments.