September 7, 2015


shutterstock_305471633For over a decade, Melody School of Music has been offering the most exceptional standard of music lessons in Toronto.

Piano lessons are a great way to be introduced to the beautiful world of music. It’s never too early or late to start learning the piano. Some of our piano students are as young as four years old!

For students who would like to branch out into other instruments, the piano is a strong musical foundation to work from and will bridge the gap when taking another instrument, making reading music that much easier!

Melody School Offers the Best Piano Lessons in Toronto

We like to accommodate our students’ learning styles by uniquely tailoring their lessons to their needs. With the help of our skilled instructors, you can learn to read music, improve your technique and play a wide variety of genres.

Our highly qualified teachers guide students in preparing for milestones such as Royal Conservatory examinations, competitions and more.

Professional Piano Lessons by Certified Piano Teachers in Toronto

In addition to offering classical style lessons, we also teach the piano in a modern way, encouraging students to discover improvisation and expand into genres such as pop, blues and jazz.

Along with a fun and enjoyable learning environment, at Melody School we provide our students complimentary practice rooms to ensure their success.

We are confident that our piano teachers are the best in their field and would like to give you an opportunity to meet them. Book your lessons now!

Session of 10 lessons

30 min. $384
45 min. $576
1 hr. $708

There is an annual $45 registration fee.
There are no taxes added to the fees.