October 9, 2017

Nathanael – Violin & Piano Teacher

Nathanael is an accomplished pianist and violinist with twenty years of experience in music and over seven in teaching. He holds a Piano Teacher Certification with the Royal Conservatory of Music and is working on obtaining an ARCT Diploma in piano teaching and performance from the Conservatory.

Nathanael’s passion for music has led him to the field of pedagogy, as he is happy to share his knowledge and experience with anyone eager to learn. His highest priority as a teacher is to inspire and motivate his students – factors that allow his students to have fun while learning. Nathanael believes that it is never too late to start learning music and enjoys teaching students of all ages, with his youngest student being four and his oldest 77 years old. His teaching philosophy includes adapting his methodology to the needs of his students and putting their interests and goals at the center of their musical foundation and learning experience.
Nathanael has been playing piano and violin at his church for over a decade, and continues to do so every Sunday at the evening youth mass. When he is not teaching music, Nathanael loves to compose in his spare time. He has a second passion for film and animation, and hopes to get more involved in composing soundtracks for film.