November 1, 2017

Mariam – Piano, Theory & Vocal Teacher

Mariam has had a lifelong passion for the performing arts and has been teaching music to children and adults for several years in Canada and abroad. She holds an MA in Music and Culture from Carleton University and a BFA in Music from York University, where she studied under Casey Sokol, Brian Katz and Steve Koven.

Her teaching philosophy highlights building crucial skills for facilitating the learning, enjoyment and sharing of music, along with the importance of creative exploration. She therefore works to build a solid foundation for her students in their musicianship skills, musical literacy and their tools for successful practice at home. To do this, Mariam incorporates the well-rounded approach of the RCM curriculum, encouraging students to enroll in exams and share their music with their community at Melody’s recitals.

Mariam moreover encourages students to nurture their creative exploration and interests as music is an expressive art, and she believes this holds true at any stage of learning. Above all, Mariam is passionate about connecting students to the gift of music as a cultural heritage and the joy they can experience when it is a part of their lives. She also has experience working with children who have a disability and is dedicated to giving every child the opportunity for a joyful learning experience.