March 10, 2020

Leen – Violin, Cello & Vocal Teacher

Leen is an artist, musician, singer and a violinist based in Toronto, Canada. She started her education of classical music at the age of 10 studying the violin, choir practice and music theory.  She studied music for over 7 years and participated in many concerts and festivals throughout the world.

As an adult she discovered her deep love of singing and started her music career as a vocalist in 2011 with different local bands in Syria.

Leen has been teaching music since 2013. Through music workshops and art sessions she was able to support displaced Syrian children socially and psychologically and helped them overcome their traumas.

Music has always been an important part of Leen’s life. It has opened many doors for her and brought her a sense of joy and peace. One of the greatest rewards as a music teacher has been watching her students become musicians in their own right and experience the joy of making music. 

As a teacher Leen focuses on western classical music and theory as well as performance and improvisational skills.