Kids Yoga

Relax your little ones’ minds by enrolling them in our yoga for kids classes in Toronto.

We know that yoga for grownups won’t appeal to our energetic junior yogis-to-be. Interactive and fun, our yoga classes for kids are designed for them specifically. Your child will learn mindfulness as well as yoga poses for kids such as warrior, cobra, and cat and cow poses. Classes will also incorporate playful elements such as music, stories and yoga games.

Physical benefits of yoga for children include flexibility, balance, strength and cardiovascular health.

In terms of emotional and mental health, yoga has been said to reduce anxiety and stress in children, and improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance and classroom behaviour. Recent research suggests that yoga classes for children may even improve symptoms of ADHD.

Learn more about the benefits of children’s yoga in the article below.

The Washington Post, “Why more kids are learning — and enjoying — yoga” (January 2020).


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