September 19, 2017

James – Guitar, Drums & Flute Teacher

James holds a Bachelor of Music from Dalhousie University. He has been playing classical, steel string and electric guitar for more than a decade. James is also an enthusiastic drummer and has studied rhythmic traditions from the middle east and India. In addition, James has experience playing the flute in small ensembles and has even written musical pieces for woodwinds based on this experience. He continues to study classical, eastern, and celtic flute traditions. James has a thorough knowledge of classical repertoire, as well as repertoires in Celtic music, jazz, rock and popular music. During his studies, he also took on studying north Indian music and currently studies Sarod under Ud. Irshad Khan. He has had great success adding Indian teaching techniques (especially in rhythm) to his lessons stemming from this experience. As a teacher, James has had success with a patient pedagogical approach that he pairs with notes of fun and enthusiasm. He wishes to bring the joy of music to anyone willing to learn.