November 24, 2018

Emma – Piano & Vocal Teacher

Emma studied classical piano at the University of Toronto and is currently studying with world-renowned performer Jarred Dunn, a recent winner of the Chopin International Competition of Lithuania. She has taken lessons with highly-sought after Toronto jazz vocalist, Alex Samaras, and studied various pedagogical topics relating to piano, vocals, jazz, and children during her time at university. She also has done studies in Alexander Technique and Taubman Technique, which train awareness of and efficient movement in the body while singing or at the piano.

Emma teaches piano and vocal at Melody School and enjoys working with students of all ages. Her approach to teaching is comprehensive – she uses singing, movement, composition, improvisation, reading and listening to develop strong, enduring musical and life skills in each student. She believes exposure to a wide variety of music is important, and uses classical, jazz, folk, musical theatre, and pop styles in her teaching. She encourages natural, healthy technique for the purpose of developing the student’s musical expression. Emma nurtures healthy, trusting, patient teacher/student relationships, understanding the vulnerability involved in music sharing.

Besides studying and teaching, she finds as many other opportunities to fill her and others’ lives with music as she can, including playing church services, chamber music, accompanying a junior school choir, and RCM exams, is currently working as the musical director for Victoria College’s show, Mamma Mia (March 2019), sings in the Element improvisation choir, and hosts community concerts and jam sessions.