September 13, 2015


Melody School of Music has been offering outstanding music lessons in Toronto for over a decade.

We offer a wide variety of drum lessons that stress proper technique.

In addition, our qualified teachers base their instruction on your individual needs and musical interests to ensure continued motivation, practice and improvement.

Melody School of Music Offers the Best Drum Lessons in Toronto

How do you know if your little ones are ready for drums? Our younger students typically start drum lessons at the age of six. They need to be able to reach the cymbals and stomp the pedals. You are welcome to sign up for a trial drum session to see if they are ready.

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Melody is a performance focused school. We encourage our students to showcase their talents by participating in our rock bands and semiannual recitals we host in large auditoriums.

We want to give you an opportunity to meet our impressive drum teachers. Click below to register!

Session of 10 lessons

30 min. $384
45 min. $576
1 hr. $708

There is an annual $45 registration fee.
There are no taxes added to the fees.